Sungjong’s Birthday Project 2014 [Closed]

Guess who’s birthday is coming right after SungYeol’s?!

jong BOW


We are collecting birthday messages for SungJong and compiling them into a book like our past few book of wishes.


02 Aug 2014 – 21 Aug 2014

How it goes:

Please email your messages with subject “LEMONCANDY’S BOOK OF WISHES” to Your messages must be limited to 200 words only!

You may write in whatever language that you’re comfortable with. (*No translation will be provided!) Should you wish to make your own letter or card, they must be within the dimensions of 8cmX13cm and scanned before emailing to us.

Should they exceed the word limit or dimensions, we may personally edit and summarize your message to fit 200 words or the dimensions.

Therefore, please ensure that you adhere to dimensions and word limit. You may also include your name & country (optional).

Should you have any questions regarding and part of this project, drop us an email or mention us on our Twitter. Alternatively, drop us a question on our Ask.Fm~

We hope that everyone can participate actively in this project to show our inspirit’s lemon❤❤s for SungJong.


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