INFINITE EFFECT SINGAPORE FAN PROJECTs – ‘Reply: Heart For You’ & ‘Dongwoo Birthday Project’ with 7nspired

As you all know by now, Infinite is coming down to Singapore for ‘INFINITE EFFECT’ on November 13. To celebrate that we have organised two fan projects — ‘Reply: Heart For You’ & ‘Dongwoo Birthday Project’.

We have been promoting the sale of our concert packs [] and profits from there are put into organising these two fan projects. Therefore, we hope that you can support our project by purchasing our concert pack!


Reply: Heart For You — LED Light Project

INFINITE EFFECT in Singapore is held within a fully seated concert hall. Therefore, during the performance of their song ‘Love Letter’, we would like Inspirits to fill the venue with a red heart lighted up in the centre while the rest is filled with white light. This red heart is more of our reply to their Love Letter hence the title of the project, Reply: Heart For You.

The song ‘Love letter’ is the 7th song that will be performed after Footsteps (발걸음) during INFINITE EFFECT concert. So please switch off your yellow lightstick / yeobong after Footsteps (발걸음) and switch on the led light to create the heart for INFINITE.

Picture below is a brief outlook of the Project:


As only 3000 LED light rings will be placed on the seats at the concert hall, for those who do not receive any LED light, we seek your cooperation to download a white flashlight application from the iTunes Store or Play Store or even make use of your phone’s Assistive Light to support this project.

As stated earlier in this post, profits from the sale of our concert pack [] will be used to purchase the LED lights so we seek your support in buying our concert pack!


Dongwoo Birthday Project — Birthday Cake & Message

As stated earlier in this post, profits from the sale of our concert pack [] will be used to purchase a birthday cake for Dongwoo since his birthday will be just around the corner by then.

The birthday cake for Dongwoo as requested by the organisers will be placed backstage instead of onstage. By purchasing our concert pack, you will also be entitled to write a message/wish for Dongwoo and we will compile them together.


We do hope these projects will be a success and will make their experience here in Singapore a memorable one. This will only be possible with your support, the Inspirits.

For more information, do check our updates on our Twitter, @7nspired. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at with the title “IFNTEFFECT Project”.

Thank you and we hope to see your support! Do help us spread the word to your friends as well!



Infinite Effect Singapore Concert Pack by 7nspired

Infinite is coming back to Singapore for again! Their second world tour, Infinite Effect, is coming down in November!

7nspired in collaboration with two FanArtist namely Shirayuucchi and Pinklatte0609 has prepared a concert pack for our dear followers and fellow Inspirits to cheer on our boys during the concert!

Selling Period:  22th September to 10th November 2015

Concert Pack:


• Slogan x 1

• Fan x 1

• Polaroid x 1 (Random)

• Small Photocard x 7

• 4R Photo x 5 (Random)

* the contents of the pack are subjected to changes

Price: SGD$15 (LOCAL)

          USD$11.5 (INTERNATIONAL)

† For International Inspirits, please add paypal charges 4.5% + USD0.30 on top of the selling amount. Otherwise, we have to right to ask you to top-up to reach SGD$15.

To PREORDER, please make payment via the following options FIRST:

a) ATM transfer – POSB Savings 209-11206-0
b) iBanking Transfer – POSB Savings 209-11206-0

Click and Fill up PreOrder form Here

Please email to a screenshot / a picture of receipt of payment as proof.
Kindly put ‘PREORDER for 7nspired Concert Pack’ on email subject when emailing proof of payment.

† We will not be responsible for any damages of the items in the concert pack.

†  Applicable to SG INSPIRIT:

The concert pack will be given out on the concert date. We will email the venue and timing of collection to our buyers at a later date. Should you miss out on the collection timing we will hold on to your concert pack for a maximum of two days otherwise we have the right to take away your concert pack.

† For Thai Inspirit, you will be able to collect your concert pack on 24-25 October 2015 at Thunder Dome.


(CLOSED) Drama ‘MASK’ Support ‘Another Step’

hoya proj

Hoya has brought us good news of him being in another drama following Reply 1997 and Movie Heeya!

In order to give him encouragement and support for his new drama, ‘MASK’, Climax has come out with this support^^

Donation Period:  15/04/15 to ~ (to be confirmed)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Donations made before 27th May are entitled to a polaroid photo + A4 Poster, on top of your gift set!

Donation Amount and Gift Set: (Minimum amount of 10USD (SGD14.50)

Set A:  Above 10USD (14.50 SGD) Photo card set(10pics) + poster (A3) + Gold metal sticker

Set B: Above 30USD (43.50 SGD) Photo card set(20pics) + poster (A3) + Gold metal sticker + fan + mini photo book

Set C: Above 50USD (72.50 SGD) Photo card set(25pics) + poster (A3) + Gold metal sticker + fan + mini photo book + secret gift


Gifts may be changed to other types due to certain circumstances.

† For International Inspirits, please add Paypal charges 4.5% + USD0.30 on top of the donation amount.

Gift set will be based on the actual amount we received. I.E. After Paypal charge we received actual amount of USD29.90, it will be counted as the lower Gift Set. ( Set A instead of Set B)

† We will not be responsible for any damages of the gift sets

† You may have to pay for additional postage fees if you are unable to collect the gift sets during our mass meet-up or if you are an overseas donor. For those who opt for local registered postage / overseas postage instead of meet-up collection, tracking number will be announced after we have posted the gifts.

Ways to Donate

  • For Local (Singaporean) Inspirits:

a)          ATM/iBanking Transfer – POSB Savings 209-11206-0 Once you’ve transferred please screen shot/take a picture of the transaction and email to with the subject ‘MASK Support-Another Step‘. If not, we would not know that you have made a donation to us. Please fill in the order form HERE only after you have transferred.

  • For International Inspirits:

Please transfer via PAYPAL to Fill in the order form HERE (Only after you’ve sent your donation through PAYPAL) Once you’ve transferred please screen shot/take a picture of the transaction and email to with the subject ‘PAYPAL – MASK Support-Another Step‘ If not, we would not know that you have made a donation to us.

We will then send the entire donation to Climax through PayPal after the donation date closes. Lastly, please be patient about when the gifts would be given out and we will update on Twitter whenever there is news from Climax. Any queries, you can tweet to us at @7nspired or send us a message via contact us. Thank you!