[Tutorial] Naver Music Free Streaming Coupon

Hi Inspirits! It’s been a long time since our last post but that doesn’t mean we are not doing our best to support our boys!

As you know our precious NamStar WooHyun has made his solo debut (finally) and yes we are facing some tough competition this month! Especially with artists from big companies..ㅠㅠ Nevertheless, we should do our best in streaming and voting for끄덕끄덕 right???

There is this free streaming coupon provided by naver music, (melon is important but difficult for oversea fans so as alternative, those who have problems with melon can try this!) I’ve only seen it on naver mobile app but not the website so please try to find it using naver music app.

For the whole month of May at 10pm Korea Time Everyday, 500 of this streaming coupon will be up for grabs.

First you have to download naver music app on your mobile devices and create an account if you do not already have one. The event looks like this, you can see it at the homepage of the app (scroll down the homepage and look carefully as it is easily missed).


After clicking you will see this on the next page…


There will be afew coupons available but I think the first one which is the one shown above will be good enough.

It allows you to stream the music online free 120 times which means you can help to stream Woohyun’s 끄덕끄덕 120times!

You have to take note to click once it reaches 10pm KST as it really goes out fast.

Don’t worry if you can’t get it today, you can always try to get it tomorrow!

Also don’t forget to stream on official mv, tudou and vote on mcountdown, show champ etc.

Inspirits, Fighting!





[Tutorial] Melon App & Melon Streaming Pass

In order for international fans to vote for Infinite and contribute to DIGITAL scores on Melon, you have to download the KOREAN version of the Melon App and buy a STREAMING PASS.

There’s a Youtube Video Tutorial here & we also found tutorial in steps for you (credit to bangtan-juseyo):


How to download the app:

1. Go to app store -> Click on your Apple ID -> Click Country/ Region -> Change your Country/ Region -> Scroll all the way down till you see “대한민곡” -> Agree to change it.

2. If you have a credit card saved on your phone, change it to “None”.

3. Change your Province to Seoul -> Change your City to any city in Seoul -> Depending on the city the you’ve choosen, google for the postcode & input in -> Change your address into anything -> Click Done -> Next.
( I.e. In the YT tutorial, the address keyed in is Seoul, Mapo , 121-010, 16 Yangyo Road respectively)

4. Now your phone should show Korean App Store -> Search -> Melon -> Download App!


How to buy a streaming pass:

1. Go to home screen -> Click on the Shopping icon -> Click on App Store -> Choose pass of your choice: $8.99 pass allows streaming on your computer, $7.99 pass only allows streaming on your phone

2. Pass can be purchased through credit card or even an Apple Gift Card, as long as you redeem it with your Korean Apple ID
2.  You can check the pass validity period in the bubble above your App Store.


Using App & Downloading Songs:

1.  Search Infinite’s songs by clicking on the magnifying icon
2.  Once you’ve found the song you want to listen, there are 3 options provided:
Left = Listen, Middle = Download, Right = Add to playlist
3. If you decide to listen to the song before downloading, you can do that that too. When you do that, the download button is near the top of the screen & at the far right.

Sungjong’s Birthday Project 2014 [Closed]

Guess who’s birthday is coming right after SungYeol’s?!

jong BOW


We are collecting birthday messages for SungJong and compiling them into a book like our past few book of wishes.


02 Aug 2014 – 21 Aug 2014

How it goes:

Please email your messages with subject “LEMONCANDY’S BOOK OF WISHES” to 7nspired@gmail.com. Your messages must be limited to 200 words only!

You may write in whatever language that you’re comfortable with. (*No translation will be provided!) Should you wish to make your own letter or card, they must be within the dimensions of 8cmX13cm and scanned before emailing to us.

Should they exceed the word limit or dimensions, we may personally edit and summarize your message to fit 200 words or the dimensions.

Therefore, please ensure that you adhere to dimensions and word limit. You may also include your name & country (optional).

Should you have any questions regarding and part of this project, drop us an email or mention us on our Twitter. Alternatively, drop us a question on our Ask.Fm~

We hope that everyone can participate actively in this project to show our inspirit’s lemon❤❤s for SungJong.